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Augustana Care Open Circle Adult Day Services

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Open Circle and Augustana Care Blog

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Open Circle Adult Day Services and Home Depot Building Community

Members of Augustana Care Open Circle Adult Day Services of Apple Valley recently enjoyed a Wednesday morning with hammers in their hands. The local Home Depot invited Open Circle of Apple Valley to j… View article »

National Adult Day Services Week: Celebrating Staff and Relationships

It was a January day when I said “Yes” to Ronnie and Vel. Ronnie was recovering from a serious health crisis that brought him close to death. The decision for life support was to continue, full speed … View article »

Lighting Up Life

Marge walked into Augustana Care’s Open Circle Adult Day Services with a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers. “Here, I thought you needed these.” Everyone turned to look at the flowers much like the flowe… View article »

Let’s Go Fishing

John was worried about the upcoming “Let’s Go Fishing” field trip. “I might be disappointed because it won’t be the same.” John had been an avid fisherman and has many fish stories to share. I truly u… View article »

The Card

When Larry handed me the envelope with “Open 0” scribbled on the front, I sensed it was something important. Larry is a charismatic guy who strived for the best and is a cherished member at Augustana … View article »

Augustana Care Open Circle Adult Day Services

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