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Augustana Care Open Circle Adult Day Services

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Dementia: Where Things Feel Right

“I’m not going!” Suddenly, Carl was unwilling to move from his seat. The Augustana Care Open Circle Adult Day Services staff was baffled. He generally followed the routine with ease and went to his us… View article »

The Last Hike

I want to tell you about my friend Knut. He has been an influence on my life for 38 years. Knut was my friend’s father. The last two years of his life he spent time with me at Augustana Care Open Circ… View article »


Seth Horowitz in his book The Universal Sense uses his experience as an auditory neuroscientist to show the reader how sound plays a large role in our emotional lives, far greater than one may have th… View article »

Waiting for the Light

An old farmer once said, “Everything you do in other seasons is an investment in winter.” When the radio clicked on this morning I heard that we will gain minutes of daylight, after the solstice, as w… View article »

The Jewel of Christmas

I knew I was a grown-up when I checked into the motel in my hometown on Christmas Eve. My nostalgic thoughts of Christmas trees cut from the woods and Mom making sure she didn’t overcook the lutefisk … View article »

Augustana Care Open Circle Adult Day Services

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